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stress and worry

7 Leading Causes Of Stress

7 Leading Causes Of Stress Back in 1967 Richard H Rahe and Tomas Holmes, who were at the University of Washington did a research study on the what connections there might be between significant life events and problems such as disease or illness. That chart, which included 43 causes of tension in 1967, was upgraded to 55 causes in 2006. If Read more [...]
goal setting tips

How To Improve At Goal Setting

How To Improve At Goal Setting Did You fail to reach a goal? Jump back up and learn from it! We have the tendency to think about failure as something shameful, unfavorable. Naturally, when we have a negative experience we may fall into negative feelings, no matter how huge or little the goal was. And one method to conquer those feelings is Read more [...]

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone For Best Positive Changes

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone Causes Real Change Most of us stay within our comfort zone, whether that is the foods you eat, avoiding what might cause anxiety, or even the level you push yourself to do something different. We all keep doing what is comfortable and familiar. Getting out of your comfort zone by taking different actions and changing Read more [...]