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Motivated To Change Your Life

Life Changes You Can Start Today

motivation tipsBeing motivated to change your life involves your thoughts and feelings as much as the how and why of doing something. So start there. Here are some life changes you can start today.

First, you need to understand why you want to change and how you will achieve it. What plan are you going to set out?


Easy Or Hard?

It is easy to want to make changes or improve some area of your life. Life changes can be hard after you start the journey. That is when it is easy to get side tracked, procrastinate, waiver or wander about rather than have your goal clearly in mind.

So how do you get motivated to change and stay motivated for the long term? Otherwise it is just a desire, and you will not do what it takes to change. Plus you need to think about motivation on out into the future as well.


Maybe you are unhappy in some areas of your life, and so you want to change. Examples would be to lose weight, change jobs or just learn a new skill or take a course to help you learn a new language.

You start by setting goals that you can achieve. If you are going to lose weight by running, and you are not a runner, you need to start at the beginning – by walking. You then begin to power walk, and then you can break into a run off and on to get used to it, then you move on to running, when your body is conditioned.

We have a jogger in our small town that must be in her late seventies or early eighties. She runs slowly, but at a faster pace than walking. Kind of a lope, you can tell she has arthritis. You can be sure that she did not just jump up one day and say, “I am going for a run”. She would have had to follow some kind of goal setting such as that outlined above. I am quite impressed.

As you begin to reach your goal you are going to feel proud of yourself.  Just keep going and you will reach your full goal.

A strong desire turns into the motivation you need. If you feel lacking in motivation, refocus, look at your goal steps and start a little smaller.

And certainly talking it over with someone can be encouraging, if they can cheer you on. Even better is if they want to join in with you.

goal settingLife Changing Tips

As stated above, you can desire to change something, but if you don’t make a move to change, very little will happen. This is where motivation fits in. It is the number one thing that is lacking in reaching ones goals. Some people will call this a lack of effort.

So here are a few tips when there is a lack of motivation or lack of effort.

  1. In order to to move forward, you need to have a good reason. The more reasons, usually the stronger you will feel it is important. Write them down and refer to them often.
  2. Don’t set too large of a goal or you will get overwhelmed and possibly quit. If you need to lose 60 pounds, don’t focus on that. Set a goal of month to month losing 5 pounds. You can stick to that. It gives you a steady pace at which to lose, and if you lose more, great.
  3. How to stay motivated? Build a movie in your mind of what you want. Run this movie often, as though your goal is all ready accomplished. You could also make a vision board, and view it often. Keeping a journal will help you see where you are struggling. Then add more support to your internal movie or vision board to give you more support in that area.
  4. Get some support. Whether it comes from family or friends, or you have an accountability partner, reach out to someone. It can make a world of difference in reaching your goals.

So there you have it. Life changes can be made by setting goals. With these, you are motivated to change.  Keep in mind the 4 tips when there is a lack of motivation and call on others when needed to help you stay on track.