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Quick Self Esteem Boosters

 Low Self Esteem Boosters

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Your childhood experiences often affect your level of self esteem and confidence, especially if there was someone in your life that put you down or who was a shamer or blamer.

That means you may go two ways as an adult in your feelings about your self.  It may leave you with low self esteem and the seeming inability to challenge yourself to get things done.

Or as an adult, you can accept yourself and understand that you do have strengths and abilities. You just feel like there are areas where you could use a little more self improvement and confidence, and that will take a little work.

So I am going to suggest some low self esteem boosters and tips for you today for self improvement.

Are You Negative Or Positive About Yourself?

Make a list of your past accomplishments. See if there is a pattern to those in the way you thought or acted that you could repeat. Check your thoughts and feelings now and get into that mind set. This will reinforce your self-esteem.

If you find you have been talking to yourself in a negative way, have a positive counter argument at the ready to pull yourself up.


self esteem boosterFocus on a few things that really need doing. It can be very self defeating to take on too much or multi-task to the point that you get little done and feel low about yourself.

So write a list the night before of priorities and then mark the most important as a 1, the second as a 2 and so on.

Also there is a time in the day that is your most focused and productive time. (Mine is from about 10 to 12 a.m.). Use that time wisely by turning off your cell phone, phone and get off the internet unless it involves your work.  Really throw yourself into getting your priorities done.

Raise Self Esteem By Persevering

It is far easier to have goals than it is to actually get the project completed. Sure, there will sometimes be a setback or interruption.

Raise your self esteem by persevering. Feeling capable and confident helps you to over come the “bumps in the road”.  Give yourself some positive feed back and keep moving forward.

Align Yourself In Your Actions And Values

Think about what you value. Are your actions supporting that, or moving you farther from your values? This is why some choices can cause stress or others give peace of mind. Some will feel right and others not.

Social Support

We need family and friends. The relationships can strengthen your belief in yourself. If they do not, then you need to take a look at the relationship. Negative or in some way abusive relationships will not help you feel better about yourself.

If you cannot cut a seriously negative person out of your life, choose to cut back the time you spend with them. It is not worth the damage you get when you are around them. You are a valualable person, whether they see it or not.

Get A Pet

Pets such as a Dog can be good for you. Dogs, unless abused are very loving and forgiving. Many come to adore their owners. Many studies show that pet owners have higher self esteem. I can’t help but think part of this comes from the way we are treated by our pets.

Increasing Self Esteem

building self esteemEven if you did not get enough love and acceptance as a child, you can observe how that takes place with others. Get some emotional counseling or see the 5 step training on how to be confident. if you need to, to help you move forward to appropriate thoughts and feelings. This will help in increasing self esteem.

These self esteem boosters will help you grow in self acceptance, you will make more good decisions and reach more goals. It becomes a good way to boost self esteem and feel happier in life.