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How To Be More Confident Starting Today

How To Be Confident In Yourself

how to be confident

No one is born exuding confidence, confidence is learned. If you feel that you’re lacking in confidence, you’re not alone, in fact, at any given time, over half of the people you’re around are struggling with confidence issues.

The simple truth is that no one is born with the ability to comfortably speak in public. No one is born to be a leader even though it may appear to be so.

How to be more confident? By practicing a few easy to do tricks and implementing them into your daily life. Read on.

A Positive Mental Attitude Can Replace Worry

The trick is to let go of your worry and focus on what really matters. It’s not as difficult as you may think.

Start by telling yourself that you can do anything that you set forth to do. A positive mental attitude will go far in helping you to exude confidence and build it up.

For every negative thought that you have, have a positive thought at the ready to counteract it. You can do this by simply writing down your negative thoughts in one column and then in the second column put a positive thought. This is a big one in how to be confident in yourself.

You may need to keep this with you for a while and add to it for a short time in order to master it.

Dress For Confidence

Understanding that everyone has a bad day now and again will also help. Many a woman has had a bad day but put on her favorite dress, favorite pair of shoes and brushed her hair and gone on to work only to have a great day where everyone complimented her on her dress, shoes, hair or something. She exuded confidence by knowing that if she chose to dress for power or to lift her spirits, she’d exude strong confidence.

Try it, it works. The next time you’re having a bad day (or can feel it coming on) try putting on something that you absolutely love. It makes you feel great. You feel better the moment that you dress in that power outfit.

Keep several “power outfits” at the ready for those days that are simply not going right. You’ll get the hang of it if you keep practicing.

Write Out Things To Be Thankful For

Take a moment and write out 7 to 10 things to be thankful for. They may be as simple as you woke up this morning, or as complex as you got that raise and promotion.

Read over this list daily, especially when you’re lacking in confidence. It is amazing how reading this list can lift your confidence for the rest of the day or before that huge meeting.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Everyone has a comfort zone. It’s a safe place where you feel comfortable and you don’t have to stress about anything.

Getting out of your comfort zone, even if done slowly will go far in helping you to exude confidence. Start slowly. Instead of speaking before a crowd of 5000 people, start with a small group of say 50 people. Work your way up.

As you gain more confidence you’ll be able to step in front of a crowd without hesitation, even if you don’t have a speech prepared and have to wing it.

Step out and take a chance on something that you truly want, even if you’re nervous. Remember the first time you rode a bike? Remember the first time you drove a car? You can do this, it’s all in your perception. Believe in yourself and others will see your confidence shine through.

Practice These To Instill Confidence

Take the time every day to practice these to instill confidence. Think about how you want to appear to others. Put on a smile, stand tall and portray what you want others to see when they look at you.

As you practice these newfound skills you’ll begin to adapt them to your daily life and before you know it all of these skills will come naturally to you.

Don’t be surprised when friends or family begin asking you what’s changed about you. You can choose to share your newfound confidence, or let it be a mystery, that’s all up to you.

Just remember, the more that you practice, the more comfortable you’re going to be with your newfound skills. The more confident you’re going to be.

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As you continue practicing your confidence skills, you’re going to be exuding them everywhere you go.

Smile and look people in the eye. Say hello and shake hands. Focus on their foreheads if you’re too nervous to look others in the eye, this makes it appear that you’re looking at them even if you’re not really. Confidence is something that you build slowly over time and work on diligently all of your life. Next see the 5 step training on how to be confident.