Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone For Best Positive Changes

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone Causes Real Change

comfort-zoneMost of us stay within our comfort zone, whether that is the foods you eat, avoiding what might cause anxiety, or even the level you push yourself to do something different. We all keep doing what is comfortable and familiar.

Getting out of your comfort zone by taking different actions and changing limiting beliefs out for better ones allows some bigger life changes. See my article on a Personal Growth Plan.

It will feel different and uncomfortable at times. Be brave, as personal growth is within the grasp of the brave.

Here are three suggestions to take new actions and see some positive changes.

  • Try new foods – most people do not eat enough vegetables. Try 3 new vegetables this week. Or eat out at a new restaurant that serves food you have never eaten, such as Vietnamese foods. You may not enjoy everything, but it is important to challenge yourself and deal with some discomfort.
  • Make changes in the type of music, movies or books you read for a week. It introduces you to something new that you may end up enjoying and challenges your former comfort zone.
  • Change up your routine and habits. Try going to bed an hour earlier, if you are not getting enough sleep.  Shut down the internet earlier in the evening, so it does not take up all your time. Drop the “F” word and develop a better word choice.

Make Small Changes And Take It Further Each Week

Get out of your comfort zone little by little. Taking really big steps can be difficult at times. Making small changes week by week does not seem so hard.

Yes, you may be uncomfortable at times, however that is not always a good reason to avoid doing something.

Change Can Cause Stress

Realize that changes may cause stress.  Studies show that better performance and maximum productivity happen during these times of low to moderate stress. If you don’t challenge yourself, you end up stuck where you are.

However, as you begin to handle these small stresses, when a bigger stress comes along, you will be able to handle it better also. It develops a set of skills mentally, the same as if you are exercising to build muscles (physical).

Make Positive Changes

So burst out of your comfort zone and start living your life from a new perspective. Your comfort zone actually holds you back if you let it. Stepping out of your comfort zone will push your boundaries a bit and you will expand in ways you never thought about before.