finding your purpose

Finding Your Purpose In Order To Enjoy Life More

Changing Your Life To Find More Purpose

finding your purposeDo you feel like lately you are just going through the motions of living your life, without it having a lot of meaning?

One day rolls into the next, then pretty soon the whole year is gone. Pretty soon you wonder where the last 5 years went.

Find your purpose and meaning in life, to be sure you actually can achieve Success in life. It can make a world of difference in how you live your life and how it feels. Otherwise you may be working hard but not feeling excited about things or fulfilled.

Here are some suggestions in changing your life so that you have more passion and purpose:

How To Find Purpose In Life

Sometimes you need to change your life up a bit. Decide what is most important to you and brings you more joy and happiness. Is it helping others in some way? Working with animals? Teaching? Your relationship with God? Somewhere in your list is things that are your passions.

Short Term

Sometimes we just need some immediate thing to get us back on track again. What sounds exciting for you to do right now? Maybe there is a movie that really gets you fired up. Maybe it is visiting a city you love, such as San Diego.

Long Term

Most pursuits that are meaningful usually require more energy and time, certainly longer than a day or two. Think of long term pursuits – what do you want to do over the next 5, 10 or more years?

If you could accomplish one thing before you die and do it with passion and purpose, something that would change your life, what would it be?

If you were told you just had weeks to live, what are the things you will wish you had done? Better get started on those.

Passionate About Hobbies

If you have a few free hours, how are you spending your time? What do you do on your weekends, when you don’t have to work? Do certain hobbies bring you joy and satisfaction?

Why do you enjoy the hobbies you have been spending some time on?

Describe Your Perfect Day

changing your life
If you had unlimited resources and unlimited time to do what you wanted each day, how would you spend your time? Outline what that would look like on paper.

Is there something you like so much that you would do it whether you got paid or not, if it is something people would usually pay for? Is that included in your perfect day?

Don’t Let Your Comfort Zone Limit You

Most of us are limited by fear and learned behaviors. Maybe it is fear of failure, or how someone treated you when you did something. Some of it may be childhood conditioning – what you were told was the appropriate way to act or feel and what was not.

Grow… heal old stuff if you need to. Many of the things you will find satisfying and fulfilling may be outside of your comfort zone. Reach outside of your comfort zone, while remaining ethical and treating others with respect.

Living With Purpose

Explore some of these opportunities. Changing your life and doing new things changes up the days, so they are not just the same, day after day, which may become joyless.

If they don’t work out, it is ok. If they do work out, you will have more meaning in your life, more joy and happiness.

So I encourage you in finding your purpose to set some goals and get beyond your comfort zone.

So how to find purpose in life? Set a few goals and experience life outside your comfort zone. Find your passion and build your life around it.

how to find purpose in life

Just like many athletes continue to practice, even after they are world famous, it will take work… just thinking about it, it may seem easy.

But it is the day to day reinforcement of the new path and the new feelings and beliefs that will make the difference. Is it worth it? Yes! You will be living with purpose and reap the benefits.

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