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Relieve Stress Right Now!

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Ways Of Relieving Stress To Start Today

Stress complicates your life in so many ways, from that throbbing headache you have to potentially life-threatening heart disease. It’s time to say “Enough!” to psychological stress. Give yourself a much needed break and do any one or more of the following things to relieve stress, right this minute:

Disconnect From Technology

The more modern technology takes over, the more stressed out we become; it’s a sad fact of the times we live in. Instead of feeling the pressure to respond to all the incoming messages, simply turn the machine off every once in a while for a stress reliever, whether it’s your phone or computer. You’ll quickly learn that you have control over technology and not the other way around.

Take A Walk

Fresh air is enormously helpful when you feel stressed, so whatever is causing it at the moment, go for a walk outdoors and give yourself time to think, or, if needed, give yourself time NOT to think, as that can be a great stress reliever as well. Sometimes, the absence of thought is more of a relief than the act of thinking.

Learn Deep Breathing Techniques

Beyond needing the air you breathe for survival, it can actually improve the way your body functions from head to toe. Deep breathing improves circulation, cognition and helps you to relax. Learn how to deeply inhale, control the breath and finally exhale slowly…letting go of stress as you do so.

Start Putting Yourself First

stress reducersIf you’re taking care of everyone else around you, leaving you no time or energy for yourself, put the brakes on that right away. It can cause psychological stress. After all, if nobody takes care of you, how can you take care of anyone else?


Find A Way To Laugh – It Truly Is The Best Medicine

Watch a funny movie or read a few funny jokes – whatever you happen to have the time for. Laughing releases useful endorphins in your endocrine system, boosting your mood immediately and is a good stress reliever.

Take A Look At Your Thoughts And Feelings

Take a look at your thoughts and feelings for negativity, which is incredibly useful when it comes time to control stress. Learn how to process your environment (your boss, the traffic, falling stock market, etc.) without the negativity – so it doesn’t eat you up from the inside out! Ask your self how you could improve your thoughts and feelings, and let go of a lot of “junk in your trunk” that keeps you in this stressed place.

Be More Forgiving

Holding grudges, be they against yourself or other people, can cause a lot of internal tension. Add the stress from your daily life to that and you’ve set yourself up for total emotional failure! Starting with yourself, be more forgiving and learn how to let go.

Take Up A New Hobby

Painting, piano, poetry or any other activity that occupies your mind and hands can help relieve the stress you’re forced to endure, making life a whole lot easier.

Look For A Good Listener

Call someone who really knows how to listen, then give them an earful! Talking is one of the most therapeutic ways to relieve stress there is. If nobody is available to listen to your woes, write them down in a journal, as that will also be helpful to your situation.

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Make Time For Exercise

Exercise can be one of the most useful tools in a stressed person’s life, even if you’re crazy busy and have a hard time scheduling it into your day. It heals your mind and body and gives you a permanent outlet for all the nerve-wracking, nail-biting and hair-pulling stress in your life, turning you into a whole new person, with a much more relaxed outlook. It is an excellent stress reliever.

And who can complain with the side effects of exercise – losing weight, if needed along with a more toned, sexy body.

Don’t you feel better already? Imagine how good you’d feel every day if you did some things on this list for relieving stress on a regular basis. Give yourself a break when and where you need it, because stress is simply too destructive a force in your life not to! Which tip are you going to use first to relieve stress?