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Stress Busters To Do Now For Relief

How To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

tips to relieve stress

Stress doesn’t just pop out of nowhere. It’s something that gradually builds up and eventually finds a safe place with the human psyche. When least expected stress and anxiety bursts out and causes havoc.

Once it gets the better of a person it starts to cause all kinds of problems physically, mentally and emotionally. The American Institute of Stress shares the information that stress induced symptoms and the diseases that it may lead to, are responsible for 75% or more of visits to primary care doctors.

Here are a few effective and easy stress busters that can help to curb the habit of falling victim to these feelings.

Just Breathe

One of the easiest approaches a person can take, especially in a situation where immediate calm is necessary, is to breathe. By placing your hand just above your naval you should be able to feel the breaths you take. Now concentrate on those breaths. Become aware of how shallow and fast it might be, then slow it down and take deeper breathes. This relaxation technique works amazingly well and very quickly. See these Scientific breathing techniques to clear stress. They can be used on any device.

However, it’s important to recognize the early symptoms of stress or anxiety. You want to be in a position where you can remind yourself to take notice of your breathing.

Take Ten Seconds

If breathing alone doesn’t work, start counting down from ten. With every number you count take a solid breath in and out. Even though it might sound very simple, the mind responds to the body. Now remember, your body only shows the consequences of stress in your mind. It hurts because your mind hurts.

Through breathing and counting you are actively taking attention away from what stresses you out and placing it on your body, which needs to relax and relieve tension.

Overcoming Stress By Walking

If it’s at all possible, take a walk around the block or up and down some stairs. Once again, you’ll be using your body to calm your mind. When you stress there is a lot of chemicals rushing through your system. But more importantly, these chemicals wake you up more than three cups of strong coffee. You have excess energy and tension that needs to be relieved. Walking is an excellent stress reliever.

Of course it’s much better if you can fit a regular exercise session into every day for overcoming stress, but not everyone has this liberty. So, make the most of the time and space you have. Getting rid of that excess energy through walking or jogging will go a long way for controlling stress.

Take A Visual Journey

Never underestimate the power of imagination, because it’s another quick way to easily fight stress and relieve tension. You’re going to need to breathe calmly for this exercise and you need to think of place that relaxes you. It doesn’t matter where it may be, this relaxation technique will help you to cope.

stress reducerIt’s important that you place heavy focus on the details of your image. Don’t forget to add the details that make your imaginary place so special and relaxing. Finding some place quiet for ten minutes or so is best for this stress manager.

Some Final Thoughts

The last thing you want is to make important decisions while you are stressed. It’s a moment when you’re not thinking clearly and you could just do something you’ll regret. Use these easy stress busters to help you cope and deal with stress and anxiety.

Next, see these Scientific breathing techniques to clear stress. They can be used on any device.