how does eft work

Emotional Freedom Techniques For Stress Management

EFT Can Bring Positive Change in Your Life

EFTMany people are using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and finding that it helps change thoughts and feelings and even health in a positive way.

Many want to stop relying on psychologists and medications as much and be able to do something themselves to ease their problems.

This therapy allows you to take responsibility for your own health and emotional well being without the use of medications.

It is very versatile and can address all kinds of problems such as PTSD, emotional eating, shock, even doing better in sports. Numerous people use it to forgiving past wrongs of others and address how the wrongs affected them.

Anxiety Example

Anxiety is a good one too. And by the way, with Anxiety, you need to decide if it is just a regular anxiety, or is coming up from a PTSD problem. These are two different types of Anxiety. If it is a
PTSD problem, you probably need to address the event, thoughts and feelings around that as well.

Sometimes anxiety builds before a PTSD memory reveals itself, or the anxiety just continues to stay active.

An example of this ist that one person I have worked with had been in the military. After getting out he always put his back to the wall when in a restaurant, as he had anxiety about what might happen in the room, or who would approach him.

How Does EFT Work?

You will be tapping on some points used in acupuncture. Just with your fingers, no needles are involved. It works by changing the energy flow in the energy systems, balancing the energy and clearing energy blockages.

Negative emotions can affect us, and are stored up in the body. Things like fear, anger, mis-trust, hate, sadness, anxiety, depression and so on.

If allowed to continue being stored up for a long time, this begins to affect your thoughts, feeling and health. It can lead to mental health problems: chronic sadness or depression or anger management problems for example.

This all can end up affecting your body chemistry at a subtle level or not so subtly.

As I said, rather than use needles, EFT includes tapping on certain points on the energy meridians, points on the head, face and body. At the same time you are tapping, you will be saying a phrase that is an affirmation about the issue that you are addressing.

This starts a release of the negativity, clearing blockages and helping to change thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Does It Take Long To Do?

The Emotional Freedom Technique process happens quickly. One just identifies the specific issue, rates the problem from a one to ten, with ten being the worst. Then you do one round of tapping on each of the points.

Then think about the level of the issue again. You may need to do three to five rounds more of tapping and saying affirmations at the same time.  You tap until the issue seems gone.

Approach it from a little different perspective or different affirmation if you feel that the negative issue, thought or feeling is not gone.

For almost everyone, the effect can be very powerful. Sometimes some breathing techniques can be added, and this works well especially for phobias or anxiety.

EFT for children

Great For Children

This is an excellent tool to work with children’s issues.  Children seldom carry all the baggage we as adults do. So they do not have the inhibitions either.  Most readily take to it and may get creative or say the affirmation in a funny way as you tap along.

You can say things in a funny way also, and get the child to giggle or laugh. It gives the therapy a more lighthearted approach. This can in itself help the healing process. If you are not comfortable with being funny with an issue, that is all right too. It works well either way.

Don’t Pass EFT By

Whether you are trying to reach goals that seem blocked somehow or you are having some physical symptoms or you want to do better at sports, often you have nothing to lose with this therapy, but the problem or issue itself.

Don’t put off giving Emotional Freedom Techniques a good try.  You will make positive changes in so many areas of your life.