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7 Leading Causes Of Stress

7 Leading Causes Of Stress

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Back in 1967 Richard H Rahe and Tomas Holmes, who were at the University of Washington did a research study on the what connections there might be between significant life events and problems such as disease or illness.

That chart, which included 43 causes of tension in 1967, was upgraded to 55 causes in 2006.

If you understood the leading reasons for tension and stress in your life, would you do something about it to remove them? Can you remove tension– or is it something that will be with you all of your life, perhaps even triggering your ultimate death?

Which Is Your Leading Cause of Stress?

1. Financial resources

Some who can name financial resources as the leading cause of stress and worry point to significant purchases they have to make, such as a house or vehicle. While those going to college worry over paying for an education, Baby Boomers and older senior residents discover that retirement earnings can be a significant cause of tension, because often that money does not go very far.

Many research studies concur that financial resources are a leading reason for tension. In an online survey carried out in 2005 by LifeCare, Inc., 23 percent of participants called financial resources as the leading reason for tension in their lives. Monetary stress has actually led the list in numerous modern-day surveys.


2. Work

stress and worryCarefully connected to financial resources as a reason for tension is work. Our professions or jobs appear to trigger continuous tension. In the LifeCare survey, 21 percent of those taking part noted this as the leading reason for stresses in life.

How is the work environment a cause of tension? We may worry and fret over getting a job, and once we get it, then fret if we are going to keep it. Responsibilities and obligations of the job may cause a lot of tension and worry.

Those going to college or getting training mention that the studying can cause stress. I remember high school with the large load of homework most nights and how much stress that could be, so I sympathize.

Stress at work can be brought on by our own thoughts and feelings, how we interpret things said or done by others or it can actually be caused by others.

3. Family and Roommates

There are a large amount of things that can go wrong in a household and start causing stress and worry.

Arguments or disagreements can cause a rift between two people. Raising children and agreeing on discipline and guidance can also bring up disagreements.

People may divorce or split up, leaving those left behind filled with tension and stress.

It could also be empty nest syndrome, where so much time and energy has been put into raising the children that parents did not stay close as a couple, or now do not know what to do with themselves.

On the side of the child who grew up and moved out, that can be a stress with taking on added responsibility and now dealing with their own finances, scheduling, healthy eating, jobs or schooling and much more.

4. Individual Concerns And Issues

Individual issues that are just indirectly created by others are another leading cause of tension.

To lots of individuals, an absence of control over their own time is a leading cause of tension. People have a desire to have control over what they do and when they do it. When control is missing, stress can start to build up.

As an example, for a parent, getting involved in the kids’s carpool to school, driving household to soccer practices, shopping, and scout conferences while attempting to keep the home running can produce significant tension.

And you of course, can add your own issues and concerns in, as this is what brings you stress…

5. Personal Health and Safety

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A lot of individuals discover that individual health is a leading cause of tension. When you don’t have good health, it can begin to interfere with life. Both physically and mentally.

Another example of a cause of stress is gaining weight, wanting to do something about it, but not having much success in actually dropping the excess fat. Since excess weight can lead to high blood pressure which can lead to strokes, a person may worry and stress about getting the weight off.

Or perhaps stress is caused from working to change some bad habits such as smoking or abusing alcohol or drugs. The head is saying there needs to be a change, but thoughts and feelings may keep you caught up in the bad habit, leading to stress.

With the times we live in, individual security is likewise a leading cause of tension. Grownups tend to worry more than young individuals, who might act invincible.

6. Individual Relationships

Whether it is a relationship, dating, separation, marital relationship, re-marriage, or divorce, a relationship can be a leading cause of tension for numerous.

Any of the above, the amount of time that is used in dealing with it, or one’s use of financial resources along with various thoughts and feelings can continue to trigger tension.

7. Death

Death of a loved one, a friend or relative can certainly cause a lot of stress.

This will take time to work through and often you will need to find support to help you deal with it.

Causes of stress and tension can change as we age as well. The door to one stress may close and another may open.

For example, you may have a difficult child who throws tantrums, but with you working with them on their thoughts and feelings, they begin to use words and can talk it out rather than tantrum.

This child may then go to school and find that there is the stress of being bullied. So you work with the school and your child and deal with that.

Then as they mature and get out on their own, there will be the tensions of leaving house, finding a job and handling financial resources.

Life is ever changing and some stress and worries come with it. Don’t forget that having a healthy diet will help give you the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to deal with stress better, such as B vitamins and Magnesium.

Exercising, even if it is going for a walk will help you burn off tension and relax more. Gardening is another of my favorite activities that helps.

Take the time to Identify your thoughts and feelings when you are under stress, then work on those and change the negatives. Then do more things that create positive emotions.

This article has touched on several leading causes of tension and stress. By utilizing the information, you can deal with it better and get the stress under control.